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Kids Q Winners

2016 Winners

Grand Champion -- Lo'N'Slo' BBQ

Reserve Champion -- Big D's BBQ

3rd Place -- Slower Lower BBQ

4th Place -- Smokopolis BBQ

5th Place -- Pigheaded BBQ


1st Place -- Will's Q Shack

2nd Place -- Little Lukes

3rd Place -- Smokopolis BBQ

4th Place -- Beerbeque

5th Place -- Hawg Nation BBQ

Pork Ribs

1st Place -- Camp Bacon BBQ

2nd Place -- Drilling and Grilling

3rd Place -- Bovine & Swine

4th Place -- White Dog BBQ

5th Place -- Lo'N'Slo' BBQ


1st Place -- Slower Lower BBQ

2nd Place -- Lo'N'Slo' BBQ

3rd Place -- Gavinell Meat Monkeys

4th Place -- Philly Blind Pig BBQ

5th Place -- Smokopolis BBQ


1st Place --Pigheaded BBQ

2nd Place -- Smokin' Foolz BBQ

3rd Place -- Big D's BBQ

4th Place -- Pig Pen BBQ

5th Place -- Lo'N'Slo' BBQ


1st Place -- PaPa's Smokin' Again

2nd Place -- Gavinell Meat Monkeys

3rd Place -- Burnt Side Down

4th Place -- Big Daddy's BBQ

5th -- 5-O BBQ

Chef's Choice

1st Place -- Who Are Those Guys?

2nd Place -- Hawg Nation BBQ

3rd Place -- Pig Pen BBQ

4th Place -- Christmas City BBQ

5th Place -- Baba and the Pig Man

Kids Q -- 1 age group

Grand Champion -- Karate Chop Chop

Reserve Champion -- Fus BBQ


1st Place -- Gracie Tennet

2nd Place -- Karate Chop Chop

3rd Place -- Que Kings of Queens


1st Place -- Karate Chop Chop

2nd Place -- Fus BBQ

3rd Place -- Black Team BBQ Jr

Chef's Choice

1st Place -- Que Kings of Queens

2ndPlace -- Fus BBQ

3rd Place -- Black Tie BBQ Jr

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2018 New Holland Summer Fest, Friday and Saturday, August 25 & 26, 2017
State Championship BBQ Cook-Off
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